The Monoscene Class


The Monoscene Class

Learn the Monoscene in a 6 week, highly focused, eight person class. The monoscene is an improv format that takes place in one location, with zero edits, and in real time.

In this class you will learn how to execute a classic improv structure with a huge focus on space objects and world building. We will first study and implement my unique approach to space objects and world building. In the following weeks we will work on integrating these ideas into a fully fleshed out rooms, where our monoscenes will take place. Because there is a max of eight students admitted into this performance class, expect lots of personal attention along with learning the ins and outs of navigating 8 people on stage in one location. This class culminates with a free performance so your friends, family, and fans can revel in your brilliance.

Prerequisites: Students must have completed the first 3 levels of any improv training facility.
If you have questions of your eligibility email me at improvwmarcus[@]

Why this class?

The more improvisers invest in their imaginary world, the more the audience will believe it exists. When performing in larger groups, often improvisers can fall into the pile on mentality. Everyone wants to join in the fun. By becoming more interested in what we are doing and adding to the story when we are needed, it can yield to a more powerful and believable story and you will find more fun. The monoscene is a great lab to work on and hone these skills. See full description on Eventbrite.

What students have said:

“Your workshop on world creation is terrific. Your techniques take us from a bare stage to a fully expanded world in which we are emotionally invested! Magical!”
Diana B.  –  Co-Producer, Southern Railroad Theatre Company

“…one of the best classes I ever had. It was such a great combination of theory and practice. Activities were slowed down to give people time to interact with the world they were creating, but you brought amazing energy and support between activities to keep things from dragging…”
Gil B.  –  Grey Matter Improv 


$250 / 6 Week Class + 1 Grad Show
Must attend all 6 classes and show.
Check your calendars as the team will be counting on you.

Classes will be on Thursday nights from 7PM – 10 PM
Aug 3, 10, 24, 31 & Sept 7, 14
Grad Show will be on: Sept 15th @ 7:00 PM
**PLEASE NOTE: There is no class on 8/17 due to the San Francisco Improv Festival.